Sales and Specials

Premium Boxed Assortment is back!
Each assortment contains: 19 Steaks, 3 Roasts, plus extras!

$400.00...a 20% savings off retail!


(2) Delmonico (Ribeye), (2) NY Strip, (2) Filet Mignon, (4) Flat Iron, (4) Ranch steaks - excellent for stir-fry, along with (2) Top Sirloin steaks, (1) Skirt steak, (1) Tri Tip Sirloin Steak and (1) London Broil.

Roasts: (1) Sirloin Tip Oven Roast, (1) Slow Cooker Rump Roast and (1) Eye of Round Roast

Extras: (4) Packs of Beef Cubes for soups and stews, (10) packs of our finest Lean Ground Beef and (1) pack of our famous Beef Jerky!

Your box will weigh approximately 40-42 pounds. This is available by PRE-Order Only; subject to availability of individual cuts. Please allow 24 hours.