On-Farm Market

Our beautiful, rustic market is a carefully reconstructed, 1790s era log cabin which was rescued from the wrecking ball by the Jorgensen Family in 2004. The cabin was reconstructed in 2006 at Hedgeapple Farm using the original logs, beams, flooring and stone.

When you shop in our market, we encourage you to bring a cooler for transporting your purchases home. "From conception to consumption" is what Hedgeapple quality and freshness is about and we want to make sure your beef is the best it can be all the way to your table!

Your support is essential and appreciated! Every dollar you spend in our on-farm market goes back into the foundation's initiatives. Your patronage and loyalty to our product supports our farm model, environmental sustainability and educational research.

So, you not only eat well, you also contribute directly to the well-being of countless other farm families who continue to benefit from the skill, experience, applied research and expertise provided through the foundation! We sincerely thank you!

Your contribution to Hedgeapple Market: