LOOK!! Our popular Boxed Beef Assortment is back!! Order yours today!! Hedgeapple Farm is your ONLY real source of Grass-Fed AND Grass-Finished Angus Beef raised without hormones, implants or antibiotics. Come to the source and buy your beef where it is born and raised!

     The Jorgensen Family Foundation, Inc. was created in 1997 as a non-profit (501-c3) educational foundation committed to beef research and education initiatives that benefit beef cattle farmers and farm families in Maryland and throughout our region.

The centerpiece of the foundation is Hedgeapple Farm, a working model farm, designed to advance the education and outreach mission of the foundation. The goal of the farming operation is to showcase a working production and marketing model that is both economically and environmentally sustainable, as well as easily adaptable by other like-minded farmers.

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Your support is essential and appreciated. When you shop at the Hedgeapple Farm Market you are more than a customer, you are a vital partner in our education and outreach efforts.

Every dollar you spend with us goes directly back into our foundation to help support our farm model and to further the outreach mission of our foundation. So, you not only eat well, you also contribute directly to the well-being of countless other farm families who continue to benefit from the skill, experience, applied research, and expertise provided through the Foundation!

We thank you sincerely for that!

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